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I Trust My Soul.

There's about a 99.9% chance my LJ is about to become friends only so *gasp!* guys, you're gonna have to log in to read my journal. I've started thinking and..... I don't really want the whole world reading my LJ. I never used to care before but I dunno, now I just do.So be looking for that, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, I dunno yet. I'm also gonna be  going back as far as LJ will let me to f-lock everything. I won't be able to do them all, obviously, there's way too many but that's ok. I'm completely against making a new name. I already have 4. Go check out mcflutie for picture surveys and things I didn't want to clog this LJ with. ghost_writeress is friends only but I'll friend just about anyone that cares to read my writings. If you're from LJ, by all means comment and I'll friend you, I'd love to get more LJ friends. My other journal will only be friended if I don't actually know you. That's an_honest_liar_. It's rarely updated anyway. Anyways, that's all my news for the day. 135 days!!!!!

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